Past Participants Comment on Johann's Dedicated Group

“The group that Johann curates is something special and I felt it right away at our first meeting. Johann’s humility, his sensitivity to each of our personal and spiritual challenges, and his gentle ‘awakeness’, all help create a safe container for spiritual growth.”
Lionel L.

“Johann has a depth of kindness and wisdom presented clearly and at times with humor. Johann knows the pain we all share is difficult to open up to, but he told me what I would find is love, just love. He knew love was waiting for me, as it is all of us. I am so grateful to be on the direct path with acceptance and support; it has meant a new relationship to the world and myself.”
Page M.

 The dedicated meditation group that Johann leads has been very supportive to my practice and growth. His teaching is authentic, clear, and inspired, and opens the way to deeper levels of insight and wisdom. The sangha that forms around his teaching is warm, kind and generous. I am very grateful for the blessing of this group and teaching.
Peter O.

“Attending group regularly and taking in how Johann and my fellow group members talk about the spiritual path has been pivotal and positive for me. I feel seen and supported in a way that enables me to take my next steps on this rich and beautiful journey.”
Summer R.

“Johann’s group has offered me a safe place to be myself, and learn the dharma. His teaching is light and clear, and goes deep.”
Tunde W.

“I have now attended four sessions of groups with Johann, because I am being fed with something I really need. Something hard to find, and hard to describe, but it has been so fundamentally rewarding for me.”
Chris R.

 Johann’s group has been transformative for both my spiritual practice and my mental health. I am continually inspired by the openness of the group, which gives me the ability to go deeper and open up to myself and others, and partake in the joy of the universe, and for that I am endlessly grateful. 
Kathryn K.

“Johann’s weekly group and culminating retreat are a combination of sitting and group processing. The group circles are full of sharing that is genuine, deep, and heartfelt, and are precious and super valuable.“
Kenneth N.​