Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center - Located in the mountains near Boulder, this is a new, dedicated meditation retreat center. Many great retreats and teachers come here.

Shinzen Young - Shinzen has been a significant Dharma and meditation teacher for me and the source of many of the teaching approaches I use. His Web site is a great resource.

Impermanent Sangha is the non-profit I run that sponsors Nature and Wilderness Retreatsin the mountains and rivers of Colorado and Utah.

Rupert Spira- Rupert has been my primary teacher for the past few years. He has opened many levels of understanding for me, and I value his teaching, and the sangha that surrounds it, greatly.

Adyashanti - While he has stopped teaching in person, I used to regularly sit retreats with Adyashanti and he was an important teacher for me. Adyashanti’s nondual teachings are similar to those of the early Zen masters and Advaita Vedanta sages, and express both the infinite possibilities and ordinary simplicity of a spiritually realized life.

Peter Williams - Peter is a fellow Boulder area Dharma teacher. He offers a weekly Thursday night sitting group, frequent short retreats in Boulder, and also teaches Impermanent Sangha retreats.

David Loy - David is another local Dharma teacher who has been working on discovering and clarifying the connections between awakening and social and environmental issues, and understanding how major challenges such as violence, inequality and climate change are at heart a spiritual crises/opportunity. He also teaches with Impermanent Sangha.

Zen with Len - Kensho Len Silverston is a Zen Meditation and Mindfulness teacher in Castle Rock who comes and leads a group in Boulder about once a month. He has great perspective and insight.

Insight Meditation Community of Colorado - IMCC is a central Web site for meditation and Dharma events in Denver and Boulder.

Barry Gillespie - Boulder area meditation teacher who also teaches through IMCC. 

An Uncomprehensive Listing of Teachers, Resources and Links