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New Spring Meditation Group


Meditating in Nature


Three Mondays,6:30-8:30PM

April 30, May 7, 14

There is also a Daylong

Saturday April 21


The Buddha practiced in nature, woke up in nature, and taught in nature. Why not give it a try?

Meditating in nature opens us to the touches, sights and sounds around us, and leads to a continuous experience of not-self, impermanence, and unreliability, which are the gateways to awakening.

The class will cover specific ways to use nature to deepen and broaden your meditation practice. We will go outside a short walk away, or stay sheltered if the weather isn't good. 

Each session consist of detailed Mindfulness in Nature meditation instructions and Dharma, a meditation period, and then Q&A about what you are experiencing in practice and how it relates to life. The meetings are informal, participatory, and flexible.



To register email <johannrobbins@comcast.net> with the class name, and your name and phone number



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