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Healing Emotions &
Being in Awareness and Love

Dedicated Meditation Group with Johann Robbins

These groups start periodically, once or twice a year. To find out about the next one please join the email list on the left side.
This group will support your commitment to practice, and will catalyze your personal and spiritual growth. Our regular meetings are safe and enjoyable spaces for going into deeper connection with our self and others. This naturally progresses into spiritual realization, which is much more about letting go than seeking.

During the group meetings and retreats, as well as in daily practice, we will learn to use precise and skillful mindfulness (Insight) meditation techniques to develop a new sensitivity to and understanding of emotions and thought patterns, fostering more skillful ways of feeling, communicating and relating. When we bring awareness and acceptance to our unconscious wounds and unmet needs, they heal, allowing us to more appropriately meet the stresses, challenges and opportunities of life. 

This newfound tendency towards greater peace and equanimity allows us to then open our awareness to simply being, rather than always having to do something or be someone.  We will support this process with direct (Direct Path and Non-Dual) approaches to being and opening the heart, transcending the personal into the spiritual. Life starts to flow, and the heart naturally opens. We realize that love is not something we have to learn, earn, practice, or do; but that in reality love is what we are.

All of this will be fostered in community, using the power of a small, open and supportive group. Our meetings will include sharing and listening, talks, instruction, meditation, questions and discussion. They are informal, relaxed, and enjoyable; yet honor your most serious intentions for personal and spiritual growth. This group is not designed for anyone just starting out, but is for those who have a basic practical grounding in some form of meditation, and wanting to delve much deeper.

If you are unsure whether this group is for you, I welcome the opportunity to talk with you about it.  Please email me to set that up.

Structured Donation/Dana: The group is offered on a structured donation or Dana (generosity) basis. This is so you can attend within your financial means, and everyone is totally welcome regardless of Dana amount. I am grateful for and rely on your generosity and support. If you would like a guideline, there is a suggested amount (weekly meetings, three day retreat, a daylong, and several one-on-one meetings with me), but that is not a requirement or a limit, and whatever you choose to give is received with gratitude. 

Unless arranged otherwise, $100 is due with your application as a non-refundable deposit, and the rest of your Dana pledge is due before the group starts.

Registration for the retreats is separate: room and board for the nights at the Ecodharma Center starts at about $100 per night. If retreat cost is an obstacle, scholarships are readily available.

Johann Robbins has been practicing meditation since the 1970’s, and teaching for the past 15 years. His teachers include Shinzen Young, Eric Kolvig, Joseph Goldstein, Adyashanti, Rupert Spira and Stephen Bodian. His approach is clear, direct, informal, and non-dogmatic.

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Teaching Schedule

By donation (dana) unless otherwise stated

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