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“It has been incredibly helpful to be part of a consistent Sangha every week, as a support for regular practice. Johann is just a fantastic teacher. His sense of humor, his ability to be present and relate, his unpretentious and non-sectarian approach to Dharma are very refreshing, and yet strongly rooted in real wisdom that is palpable. I'd highly recommend his groups for anyone looking to see a significant impact on themselves and their world through their meditation practice.”   Anton

Insight Meditation Six Week Class Wednesdays, 7-9PM, Oct 31 - Dec 12

East Boulder

Insight Meditation (Mindfulness, Vipassana) is a powerful path towards deep emotional and spiritual growth, healing, and well being.

Meditation develops our hearts and minds, healing and integrating past pain, freeing up energy for joy and well being, and allowing for spiritual development and manifestation.

This class will be a practical exploration of how meditation creates positive and meaningful change in your life. The potential for deeper happiness is already within us, and experiencing it is possible even when it seems otherwise. 

Each evening includes detailed meditation instructions and background, a meditation period, and then Q&A/discussion. The meetings are informal, participatory, and flexible.

This six week series is designed for anyone with a desire to learn more and go deeper, regardless of your experience or level of practice. It is ideal for beginners , and for those with more experience to reboot or take your practice to the next level.

Open to all. Suggested Dana (donation) for the class is $120, but you can offer more or less, and are totally welcome regardless of amount.


Complete Information will come by email the week before the class starts.

Awakening Love & Wisdom

Dedicated Meditation Group

2018/19 Group is Full

Mondays 7-9PM, Oct 29, 2018 through Apr 22, 2019
Two weekend retreats, early Nov. and late Apr.

Awakening Love and Wisdom is a special opportunity for those who yearn for deeper practice and a more real and satisfying life. We will be delving far into our own minds and hearts, bringing insight, clarity and equanimity to our mysteries and our shadows.

The group is a practical exploration of spiritual practice, leading to a transformative experience of being and living. This year, we will focus on spiritual growth and touching our true nature by acknowledging, accepting and learning from everything that arises. Practice is not about trying to attain something, but letting-go into ever-deepening equanimity with our experience. We will learn and practice meditation techniques from the Insight/Mindfulness tradition, as well as other approaches such as Non-Dual.

Areas of inquiry will be tailored to meet the experience, needs and interests of the group, while using the classical themes of Impermanence (Anicca), Unsatisfactoriness (Dukkha), and Not Self (Anatta) as a framework. These three characteristics of being and living are deep Insights that can fundamentally change us from the inside out.

Format: The group includes regular weekly meetings, teacher one-on-ones, two weekend retreats, and a daylong. Meetings will include meditation and instruction, exercises, personal sharing, talks and discussion. There are no specific prerequisites, but we will build on the practice you have already done.

Schedule: We meet on Monday evenings 7-9PM, regularly from October 29 through April 22, with a winter holiday break. The weekend retreats are Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, November 2-4, and April 26-28, at
RMERC, near Jamestown. The daylong will be in February. The group meets at my meditation studio in east Boulder, off Arapahoe and Westview.
Structured Donation/Dana: This group is offered on a structured donation or Dana (generosity) basis. This is so you can attend within your financial means, and everyone is totally welcome regardless of Dana amount. I am grateful for and rely on your generosity and support. If you would like a guideline, a suggested amount is $950 for the group (24 weekly meetings, two weekend retreats, a daylong, and several one-on-ones), but that is not a requirement or a limit, and whatever you choose to give is received with gratitude. Room and board for the retreats ($150 for each) is separate. If retreat costs are an obstacle, scholarships are available.

Unless arranged otherwise, $100 is due with your application as a non-refundable deposit, half your Dana pledge (the deposit counts towards it) is due by Sept 1, and the rest by December 10.  Also the cost of the first retreat must be paid to Impermanent Sangha with your deposit; you can go to and make a $150 “donation” on the home page to cover that, or send me a check for Impermanent Sangha.

Next Steps: If you are interested an application is
attached here. Please contact me if you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions about your participation. An intuition of readiness or a sense of calling is far more important than any feelings of fear or inadequacy you may have. If we have never met and you want to meet before making a decision, I am happy to talk with you by phone or in person; just let me know.

A look at how recent participants have benefited:

“I was especially touched by the power of listening practiced in the group: Johann’s deep listening and perceptive responses; my learning to listen with the heart while others spoke; and feeling the healing love from sangha members when I would speak. The introduction to non-dual meditation has been a major step in my spiritual path. This was an invaluable gift.” Beth

“I felt power in my practice being part of a dedicated group. We studied and practiced the Dharma deeply together. I found myself using it to help in challenging situations and trusting my practice more than I ever have. The benefits of this group were many. Many thanks Johann for leading and guiding this group; I so appreciate your wisdom & guidance. With Metta.”  Maggie

“Johann is a gentle, connected and warm person who has a gift at teaching. He easily created space for people to share openly about their experiences, without judgment.” Jennifer

“I can't imagine a more supportive context for my practice. We learned so much: the DPG was pragmatic and mind-blowing--often at the same time. Our group felt both welcoming and safely bounded. Johann honored each of our idiosyncratic paths and respected my skepticism and questions. I feel enriched, inspired, and in possession of resources to make progress on my own.”            Cait

“Johann is the real deal. He is deeply committed to the dharma, and wants to share all he has learned in years of dedicated study and practice. Just as importantly, he always takes an open approach. We are not being asked to imitate but rather to explore and discover our own paths at our own pace. It is a wonderful experience to witness the growth that happens in you and your fellow practitioners. Highly, highly recommended.” Willem

"Johann’s group was one of the best experiences I have ever had. He is a skilled and caring teacher, and creates a wonderful community for learning meditation and dharma from the inside out. The group also provides a supportive and intimate community of practitioners to grow with. I cannot recommend the group highly enough!" Josh

“I appear to be much kinder to the parts of myself that I previously ignored or avoided. There's acceptance and a greater willingness to embrace those tendencies as part of who I am. I've been better able to accept whatever circumstances life presents and to see them as an opportunity to deepen my practice whether I like them or not. I also very much appreciated the talks and instruction Johann provided as well as the support of the group during the last 9 months.” James

“This group has been a very strong support for my ongoing practice and inquiry. Over the period of the group I have experienced several breakthroughs related to meditation practice, spiritual seeking and what really matters when it comes to “awakening” and every day life. I have appreciated having a forum where honest, direct, clear discussion and exploration can occur with like-minded people.” Brett

“I am so grateful for this meditation group taught by Johann. The guidance, practice, conversations and support have allowed me to gain a clearer understanding of myself and who I am in relationship to life and my spiritual practice. It has also given me an opportunity to access a deeper, more immediate and open reality within my meditation practice. The practices Johann taught gave me the ability to see and know all of life experiences, the pleasant ones as well as the difficult ones, allowing me to stay fully engaged, awake and open to all of it. What a gift! Thank you!” Ilsa

 “The group provided me the support of a caring Sangha and a deepening of my practice. The collective wisdom of the group resulted in thought-provoking discussions and greater personal insight. Johann adeptly facilitated the group, bringing his invaluable experience and knowledge, while balancing the discussions with humor. I highly recommend his groups.”  Dahlia 


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By donation (dana) unless otherwise stated