Nature Meditation
and Ecodharma
Connect with Dharma practice in the natural world, and how to take that into life.
5 Week Class, Wed 7-9PM, April 3-May 1.
"The Buddha practiced in nature, woke up in nature, and taught in nature: why not give it a try?"

We will learn and enjoy practicing outdoors in nature (weather permitting), and work with the myriad interrelationships between meditation, nature, dharma, and the environment, which is in crises. The focus is on love and connection with nature and how to direct that to what needs to be done with our world in crises.

The group meets weekly on Wednesdays from April 3 - May 1, in east Boulder, from 7-9PM. 

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Meetings are informal, dynamic and participatory, and include meditation instruction, formal practice, talks, discussion, and sharing:

The group will strengthen and deepen your practice, both on the cushion and in day-to-day life, as you learn and discover more about yourself and the Dharma. This will be a powerful experience of personal healing and growth, increasing happiness and wellbeing. Being part of a supportive and close-knit group, learning and practicing together, is powerful medicine for increasing satisfaction and reducing suffering.

Requirements: The only fixed prerequisite is sincerity: though some participants may have a fair amount of practice experience, we will start with the basics, and beginners are totally welcome. Daily practice is important, and support and encouragement will be offered to those that find it difficult to maintain.

Structured Donation/Dana: This group is offered on a donation or Dana (generosity) basis. This is so anyone can attend regardless of financial means, and everyone is totally welcome regardless of amount. I am grateful for and rely on your generosity and support. If you would like a guideline, a suggested amount is $100, but that is not a requirement or a limit, and whatever you choose to give is received with gratitude. Unless arranged otherwise, please send your Dana with your application.

Complete Information will come by email.

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By donation (dana) unless otherwise stated