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New Winter Meditation Group

Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, Compassion, Joy, Gratitude and Equanimity

Tuesdays 7-9PM

January 9-March 13 2018

​Daylong Sunday February 11

This series will be a practical exploration of the ways of using meditation to create positive and meaningful change in how we feel and act. Enhancing positive feelings and qualities is essential, and as they already exist within us, experiencing them fully is possible even when it seems otherwise.

The group will strengthen and deepen your practice, both on the
cushion and in day-to-day life, as you learn and discover more about
yourself and the Dharma. This will be a powerful experience of personal
healing and growth, increasing happiness and wellbeing. Being part of a supportive and close-knit group, learning and practicing together, is
powerful medicine for increasing satisfaction and reducing suffering.

We will take a direct, interactive and practical approach towards deepening all three jewels; Buddha (awakening), Dharma (the path) and Sangha (the group and wider community).

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